Brief Epidemiological Report on Chikungunya Outbreak in Bihar, India in 2017: Implications for Control

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Ragini Mishra
Navin Mishra


Aims: The present study was done to identify the epidemiology of the disease outbreak in Bihar in 2017 and suggest remedial measures for the prevention of possible future outbreaks of Chikungunya.

Study Design:  Daily reports on Chikungunya were collected in prescribed format from the District Surveillance Unit, Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) that included case details from Govt. Medical Colleges and various Private Hospitals in the State.

Place and Duration of Study: Index case of Chikungunya was reported in Bihar, India on 15 Feb 2017. After that, few scattered cases were reported till 23 Aug 2017. Cases started increasing from 24 Aug 2017 onwards. From 15 Feb till 31 Dec 2017, total 1223 cases were reported from 32 districts in Bihar.

Methodology: The cases were analysed concerning time, place and person. Daily reporting on the health conditions of the cases and the status of the control measures like fogging and larvicidal spray in the affected area was monitored at the State level.

Results: Case Fatality Rate (CFR) due to the disease was Nil in the State. The outbreak peak laid from 3-Nov to 12-Nov when 218 cases were reported. Out of 1223 cases, 100% cases were ELISA confirmed. Almost all age groups were affected, but the frequency was greater in the age group 21-30 (25%)> 31-40 (21%)>11-20 (19%). Males (61%) were more affected than females (39%). Out of the total 1223 cases, 100% of the cases were reported from Govt. institutions. State Health Department, Govt. of Bihar took many measures to limit the outbreak, and through strengthening the surveillance and response activities, transmission of the disease was curtailed in the State.    

Conclusion: Patna district was most affected followed by Nalanda and Vaishali. Young adults of age group 21-30 were most affected. Males were more affected than females.

Chikungunya, case fatality rate, surveillance, ELISA.

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