Variation of Biological and Biochemical Parameters in Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Treatment at the Maradi Regional Hospital during 2021-2022

Harouna Amadou Mahaman Laouali

Faculty of Health Sciences, Dan Dicko Dankoulodo University of Marad, Niger.

Abdoulaye Ousmane

Faculty of Health Sciences, Dan Dicko Dankoulodo University of Marad, Niger.

Amadou Oumarou

Faculty of Health Sciences, Dan Dicko Dankoulodo University of Marad, Niger.

Ibrahim Mamadou Abdoul Kadir *

Dosso Regional Hospital, Niger.

Gado Amadou Mahamadou

Niamey National Hospital, Niger.

Boureima Hassane

Faculty of Health Sciences, Dan Dicko Dankoulodo University of Marad, Niger.

Abdou Adamou Rachidou

Maradi Regional Hospital, Niger.

Moussa Saley Sahada

Faculty of Health Sciences, Abdou Moumouni University, Niamey, Niger.

Kabirou Amoussa Abdoul Aziz

Maradi Regional Hospital, Niger.

Harouna Moussa

Dosso Regional Hospital, Niger.

Doutchi Mahamadou

Faculty of Health Sciences, André Salifou University, Zinder, Niger.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Aims: To follow the variation of some biological and biochemical parameters in HIV-infected patients under antiretroviral treatment at the Maradi Regional Hospital.

Study Design: Retrospective and prospective study

Study Location and Duration: Maradi Regional Hospital; from August 2021 to April 2021, a duration of 9 months.

Methodology: We followed the variation of some immunological and biochemical parameters in patients living with HIV, evaluated the CD4+ T cell counts, the viral load, the leukocyte count, and carried out the measurement of haemoglobin, glycaemia, creatinemia, and ALAT levels in the blood at the follow-up visits (month 0 (M0), month 3 (M3), and month 6 (M6)), except for the viral load and CD4+ T-cell counts, which were measured at M0 and M6, and the HBsAg test at M0.

Results: 99 patients were included in this study. The sex ratio was 2.6 in favour of females. At enrolment, 63.6% of patients had a CD4+ T-cell count < 200/mm³, 56.6% had anaemia, 40.4% had hypoglycaemia and there was a significant increase in patients with an undetectable viral load from enrolment to the last visit at M6. At the end of the study, we observed an improvement in CD4+ T-cell counts, haemoglobin, glycaemia and viral load at each subsequent visit. We did not observe any significant evolution of creatinemia and alanine aminotransferase rate.

Conclusion: At the end of the study, we observed an improvement in CD4+ T-cell count, glycaemia, haemoglobin and viral load. We did not observe any particular change in the biochemical parameters of creatinemia and ALAT levels. This shows the non-toxicity of the antiretroviral treatments. Finally, we observed some difficulties in our study which deserve to be improved.

Keywords: HIV, CD4, anaemia, maradi, Niger

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