A Review of COVID-19 Pandemic: Myths, Misconceptions, and Role of Media Education in Nigeria

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E. D. Izekor
V. N. Okpuzor
E. Morka
P. T. Nnaji


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Nigeria and many countries of the world in recent times. It has introduced some level of new concepts and social phenomena in many countries. The interference of myths and misconceptions in the mitigation of the epidemics in Nigeria calls for attention. Many Nigerians harbor some level of myth or misconceptions about COVID-19. Lack of confidence in the integrity of government, security agents, health officers among many other factors is the popular opinion that has contributed to the spread of misconceptions of the COVID-19 pandemic by many Nigerians. The mass media through programs, activities, campaigns, information dissemination etc, educates and detect to the society what is important. There is need for synergism between the private, public, local and international organization for the masses to receive the proper education that will debunk the harmful myths and misconceptions among many Nigerians.

COVID-19, pandemic, myths, misconceptions, media, education, Nigeria.

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Izekor, E. D., Okpuzor, V. N., Morka, E., & Nnaji, P. T. (2020). A Review of COVID-19 Pandemic: Myths, Misconceptions, and Role of Media Education in Nigeria. Asian Journal of Research in Infectious Diseases, 5(4), 10-19. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajrid/2020/v5i430172
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