Invasive Factors Recognition in Aspergillus Section Nigri Isolates from Patient and Environmental Samples in the Centre Region, Cameroon

Ekpo Alfred Itor, Michel Noubom, Claude Nangwat, Dougue Aude Ngueguim, Cyrille Levis Kountchou, Ngouana Kammalac Thierry, Dzoyem Jean Paul, Tume Christopher

Page: 1-8
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Comparison of Various Clinical Scoring Systems in Predicting Progression and Outcome in COVID 19 Infection

Hetal Pandya, Arti Muley, Roop Gill, . Jeevana

Page: 9-19
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Virulence Attributes of Clinical Candida glabrata (Sensu Stricto) Isolates in the West Region of Cameroon

Claude Nangwat, Thierry Kammalac Ngouana, Aude Ngueguim Dougue, Cyrille Levis Kountchou, Alfred Itor Ekpo, Jean Paul Dzoyem, Christopher Bonglavnyuy Tume

Page: 20-28
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Detection of Trichomonas SPP. from Penile Bulls Fluid in Iraq

Baqer J. Hassan

Page: 29-32
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Distribution Pattern of Soil-transmitted Helminths and Common Practices Enhancing Transmission in Owena, Southwestern Nigeria

Oluwaseun Bunmi Awosolu, Olubunmi Adu, Titus Adeniyi Olusi

Page: 33-38
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